Free ebook through Story Cartel

With the third Jackson Speed book set to come out in just a matter of weeks, I’ve decided to try Story Cartel to generate new interest in the first book of the series.

Click the cover to buy the book!

Click the cover to buy the book from Amazon!

For the next 20 days you can download Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria free through Story Cartel. Part of the deal is that they ask you to write a review of the book, and I hope those who download El Teneria for free will leave a review.

Reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (but especially Amazon) help unknown writers like me sell books. The more reviews (positive, preferably) the better the odds more people will be interested in reading my book.

So, if you have not yet read El Teneria, now is a great opportunity to snag it on the cheap and help me out. And if you have read it and have not yet left a review, please give a thought to reviewing El Teneria. Blood Tubs, too. And 4 Things, too. I have lots of books needing reviewing from kindhearted and generous critics full of happy adjectives.

Those who download the book through Story Cartel and leave a review will be entered to win one of five paperback books.

And if you’re intimidated at the thought of “reviewing” a book, just post a short blurb that says something like: “Wow! What a book! Loved that scene with the battle of the boat.”

Click here to go to Story Cartel if you want to get a free copy of El Teneria.

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