Jackson Speed at the High Tide

Volume IV of the Jackson Speed Memoirs

Volume IV of the Jackson Speed Memoirs

Jackson Speed at the High Tide is the fourth novel in the Jackson Speed Memoirs.

In High Tide, Seed is given the opportunity he has waited almost three years for. Following the battle of Chancellorsville, Confederate President Jefferson Davis has sent Speed behind enemy lines as a spy. Believing he has the perfect opportunity to desert from the Confederacy, Speed is intent on getting as far away as possible from the war.

But when he decides to stop to see a certain blue-eyed beauty in Pennsylvania, Speed finds himself caught between the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia in a little town called Gettysburg.

High Tide takes readers into America’s Bloodiest Battle with the reluctant adventurer who becomes a Texas Ranger, a Pinkerton Detective, a gunslinger and a spy for both the Union and the Confederacy. And before it’s over, he’ll pinch every nipple, squeeze every teat and bed every woman who is half willing or too slow to get away.

Ol’ Speedy is the lovable rogue, the cowardly anti-hero whose exploits are always motivated by his desire to preserve his life or his desire to get belly to belly with whatever woman is unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Jackson Speed is a character like Harry Flashman, Rhett Butler and Tom Jones all rolled up and mixed together with a heaping helping of Henry Fleming.

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