Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria

Volume I of the Jackson Speed Memoirs

Volume I of the Jackson Speed Memoirs

Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria is the first novel in the Jackson Speed Memoirs series.

Set in the mid-1840s, this novel tells the story of a young Jackson Speed fleeing his boyhood home of Scull Shoals, Georgia, with an enraged and cuckolded Uriah Franks intent on killing the young Speed. From Scull Shoals, Speed flees to Georgia’s antebellum capital, Milledgeville. There, his life seems set on an easy course where he dreams of living as a successful merchant and eventual politician, but when Franks unexpectedly turns up in Milledgeville, Jackson Speed is forced to flee once again.

This time, his escape is an impromptu volunteering into an Irish company bound for the Mexican-American War. Thus begins a life far removed from the one Speed thought he was building – a life of war and conflict, intrigue and danger, and a fair few women along the way.

The Hero of El Teneria introduces readers to the reluctant adventurer who becomes a Texas Ranger, a Pinkerton Detective, a gunslinger and a spy for both the Union and the Confederacy. And before it’s over, he’ll pinch every nipple, squeeze every teat and bed every woman who is half willing or too slow to get away.

Speed is the lovable rogue, the cowardly anti-hero whose exploits are always motivated by his desire to preserve his life or his desire to get belly to belly with whatever woman is unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Jackson Speed is character like Harry Flashman, Rhett Butler and Tom Jones all rolled up and mixed together with a heaping helping of Henry Fleming.

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