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If you have enjoyed reading any of my novels, I’d be grateful if you would sign up to join the Robert Peecher Posse Newsletter.

I’m in the process of switching some things around with my website, so to sign up for the newsletter you have to click here to move over to my new site.

You should get a pop-up window that gives you the form to sign up for the newsletter, but the form is also available at the top of the sidebar to the right.

I won’t spam you or sell your email address or anything nefarious, but I will send you a couple of emails a month to let you know what I’m working on and when I’ve got new releases coming out.

I really hope if you’ve enjoyed my novels that you’ll sign up for the newsletter.

Also, if you do sign up for the newsletter you can get a free copy of the fourth installment of the Two Rivers Station series, “The U.S. Brand.”

It’s a fun, quick read with Jack Bell.

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