Who likes pretty stuff?


Stained glass "wine bar"

Typically I use my blog for the sole purpose of promoting my books, but I’m going to do a little bragging on my wife today.

When we both found ourselves unemployed a year ago, I asked Jean what she would do if she could do anything. She said, “I want to be the female Indiana Jones.”

We shortly ruled that out, and as a second option she said she wanted to start doing stained glass art again.

When we were still newlyweds and living in Carrollton, Georgia, Jean learned from her father how to make stained glass art. For about a year she had a studio and she created pieces that she sold on consignment and at craft fairs, and she did a few commissioned pieces.

Then we left Carrollton and she lost her studio space and life started getting in the way. She had a job, she was pregnant again and suddenly we went from having one son to two and then three, and little shards of glass and lead don’t mix real well with little kids, and 18 years later, Jean hadn’t done stained glass in 18 years.

So we started from scratch a year ago. The boys and I cleaned out a workshop at our house that we were just using for storage. We bought the equipment she needed. My dad built her some tables to work on. And within a week or so, Jean was making stained glass again.

Almost a year later, and she’s built a pretty good business that is continuing to get bigger all the time. She’s doing a lot of commissioned pieces and she’s working right now on her first window for a home builder.

She has an etsy store that she can’t keep stocked and a list of orders from customers as long as your arm.

And the work she does is GORGEOUS!

Most of it gets posted to her Facebook page, so I’d encourage you to go check that out if you like pretty stuff.

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