Gettysburg 150 book give away

In recognition of the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Gettysburg, I’ve decided to give away some signed Jackson Speed books.

The rules are pretty simple: be the first to answer some Gettysburg trivia questions and win a book.

Here are the next two questions. Answer either of them correctly and you can win your choice of “Jackson Speed The Hero of El Teneria” or “Jackson Speed and the Blood Tubs.”

1. On June 29, 1863, Federal cavalry rode into Gettysburg and occupied the town. These Union troopers were the first to fight the Confederates in a holding action until Union infantry could get up. Who was the commander of the Union cavalry that occupied Gettysburg and held McPherson’s Ridge on the morning of July 1 while waiting for Reynolds to get forward?

2. The Confederates went into Gettysburg looking for shoes. They first tried to get to the town on June 30. Who North Carolinian general led the brigade that marched toward Gettysburg on June 30 but turned back after encountering two brigades of Federal cavalry?

Use the form below to shoot me an answer to either of the above questions if you think you’ve got the answer. I’ll let you know if you win and put a signed book in the mail to you!

As always, if you don’t know the answer and your fingers are too tired to Bing the answer, feel free to visit and just buy a book!

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