St. Patrick’s Day free books

I’ve got some blog posts in the works that I’m very excited about. I’ve done or am working on a couple of author interviews that I think will be great and you’ll enjoy quite a bit. But the demands of my paying job are keeping me busy these last couple of weeks, so blog posts and book stuff and author interviewers and other stuff have taken a back seat.

Click the cover to buy the book!

Click the cover to buy the book!

In the meantime, I’ve decided this St. Patrick’s Day to offer “Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria” for free for Kindle users (and those who have a Kindle reader app on their various devices) in honor of the Jasper Greens.

Fleeing an enraged and cuckolded and murderous Uriah Franks, Speedy joined up with the Jasper Greens volunteer company out of Savannah who were off to fight Santa Anna in Mexico.

Like good Irishmen, they stayed drunk most of the time, played music and got in one of the most bizarre fights of any U.S. army unit in all of history when they engaged in what became known as The Battle of the Boat. On the deck of the Corvette on the Rio Grande, the Jasper Greens threw down with some boys from Kennesaw and some Illinois volunteers. Speedy, of course, kept his head down throughout the fighting.

Get it free on St. Patrick’s Day in honor of the Irishmen who went to Mexico to fight other US troops!


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