The Hero of El Teneria

According to Merriam Webster, the first known use of the word “cad” was in 1833, three years after our reluctant hero Jackson Speed was born. Can this be a coincidence? Of course not, when Ol’ Jackie Speed was first toddling around, someone somewhere clearly realized they were going to need a word to describe him.

So here’s Jackson Speed, America’s greatest cad.

In the first volume of the recently published Jackson Speed Memoirs (Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria) the reader is introduced not to the Jackson Speed of the history books but to the true Jackson Speed – the coward, adulterer and cad that no one knew he truly was.

Volume I of the memoirs takes us briefly through Speed’s childhood and the events that forced him to leave his boyhood home of Scull Shoals. We meet his lovely red-headed wife and discover the circumstances that brought them to marriage and we see Speed get his first taste of battle in the Mexican-American War.

“Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria” – it’s a picaresque novel, don’t ye know.

It’s available at Get your copy today!

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