Follow me on Facebook for video updates

I have shot a few videos in the past where I talk about Jackson Speed (such as the one posted above), and I expect I’ll continue to do some longer ones like that in the future. However, I decided recently to start doing some short (2-3 minute) videos on a somewhat regular basis, and I’m going to post directly to the Jackson Speed Facebook page.

Mostly in these videos I’ll talk about the Jackson Speed books or the research I’m doing for the current novel. If you find the history contained in the novels interesting, I’d really encourage you to follow the Jackson Speed page on Facebook to see these videos.

As I research the Jackson Speed Memoirs, I end up learning so much information that never gets into the books. But I love being able to share that information with other people. So Facebook seems like a good place to do that.

I don’t intend to post all of these videos on Youtube or on my website, so the Facebook page is going to be the best place to find them.

If you’re wondering why I’m not going to post them anywhere other than Facebook, the reason is simple enough: We live just far enough out in the country that my internet is pretty poor. It’s not dial-up poor, but uploading video is a time consuming challenge. I start hogging all the internet bandwidth, and suddenly my sons are complaining to me that they can’t watch the latest Ozzy Man video, and my wife is yelling at me because she’s trying to watch videos of dogs doing tricks.

So if you want to keep up with where I am writing the next novel or you want to pick up some interesting tidbits of history, click the link here and like the page. And, of course, please feel free to share it with your friends.


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