A primer on Rob Peecher’s fiction

As an independent author writing and selling books for fun, I often find myself tweeting or Facebooking links to my books with smart marketing phrases such as, “Please read my books!”

Last week I posted something about my books on Facebook, and a friend said something like, “What are your books about?”

I realized that while I might eat, sleep and breathe my books, a lot of people – if they aren’t paying particularly close attention – may not know anything about them.

So if you’re new to the world of Rob Peecher’s fiction, I thought I’d provide a primer.

Currently I have two separate series I’m working on: The Jackson Speed Memoirs and the Moses Calhoun Potboilers.

Jackson Speed

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00067]The Jackson Speed novels are set during 1800s America and hold themselves out to be the memoirs of a great officer from the War Between the States.

However, readers learn from the memoirs that Speed was truly a coward and a womanizer. His only motivations in life are getting into the dress of some Southern Belle and saving his own skin (often as not, from an enraged husband).

Jackson Speed, as a character in a novel is very similar to Harry Flashman of the classic George MacDonald Fraser series of Flashman novels. In truth, the more I write the less Flashmanesque Speed becomes, but I’ll never be able to deny the similarities between Jackson Speed and Harry Flashman.

The first Speed novel “Jackson Speed: The Hero of El Teneria” is set during the Mexican-American War and introduces readers to a young Speed who is just starting out on his path of roguish adventures.

Meticulously researched and footnoted, the Jackson Speed novels are a labor of love for me. I’m able to meld together the two things I most enjoy: Storytelling and History. I would hope these novels would appeal to most history buffs who enjoy fiction and I would also hope these novels would appeal to most rogues who enjoy history.

Moses Calhoun

missing wife finalThrough the course of my career in newspapers I spent a long time covering what journalists would call the “cops and courts” beat. I had a pretty amazing career in newspapers in terms of the access I had to local police as well as the some of the stories I got to cover.

The Moses Calhoun short stories are a sort of manifestation of some of the things I witnessed covering the cops and courts beat with a little Southern Gothic thrown in for literary fun.

The stories are sort of like Robert B. Parker meets Flannery O’Connor.

Moses Calhoun is a grizzled, hard-boiled sort of deputy sheriff who returns to his hometown after a divorce and there he finds his town is overrun with meth heads and corruption.

These stories are very short. I like to write them in a few sittings. As I said, a lot of them are very loosely based on things I’ve seen.

Other Stuff

Outside of Jackson Speed and Moses Calhoun, I’ve published two other books.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00065]“Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings” is a collection of the columns I’ve written at The Oconee Leader.

“Iron Curling Ale” began life two decades ago as a short story I wrote while I was in college. Some time ago, I began rewriting the story. It’s still very short – just 20,000 words – but it was also a labor of love. It has a lot of drinking and drug themes, the language is very rough and it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes.

“Iron Curling Ale” is the story of a drunken, cross-country road trip. It’s a tragically beautiful love story, and I’m a big fan of this book.


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